eu-LISA Industry Roundtable October 2019eu-LISA Industry Roundtable October 2019Main theme Towards Practical Implementation of the New JHA Information Architecture. The event was dedicated to discussing solutions for the implementation of the new interoperability architecture that are aligned with legal, functional and technical requirements.86{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
SIS II Technical Report 2017-2018 - FactsheetSIS II Technical Report 2017-2018 - FactsheetThis factsheet contains the highlights of the SIS II Technical Report 2017-2018 and should be considered as an annex to the report itself.85{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
SIS II Technical Report 2017-2018SIS II Technical Report 2017-2018Report on the technical functioning of of the central SIS II and the its communication infrastructure, including aspects related to security and the bilateral and multilateral exchange of supplementary information between Member States. 84{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}
Elaboration of a Future Architecture for Interoperable IT Systems at eu-LISAElaboration of a Future Architecture for Interoperable IT Systems at eu-LISAThis paper introduces the main goals, deliverables and conclusions of the feasibility study ‘Elaboration of a future architectural framework for interoperable IT systems at eu-LISA impact assessment and migration and integration plan’. The aims of the study were to identify and analyse the feasibility of various options for the architectural design and development of future systems by the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (eu-LISA), along with the interoperability components (as described in the interoperability regulations), and thus to assess the architectural possibilities for deploying the solutions and to outline perceived optimal architectural descriptions in the form of architectural description artefacts.83{2fd95b2e-c57c-48dd-8362-98741cbab0df}