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5 Years of Working for a more Open and Secure Europe5 Years of Working for a more Open and Secure EuropeIn 2017 eu-LISA celebrates its fifth year of operations. These first five years have been an exciting journey as we built up a dynamic and agile organisation. Today, we provide high quality services and solutions to EU Member States, contributing to their efforts to make Europe safer. These five years have been challenging, but rewarding. In this short time, eu-LISA has become a reliable contributor and partner to the Member States and the European Commission in implementing justice and home affairs policies. We would like to thank all those who have helped eu-LISA to establish itself, to stay focused and to further develop its capabilities. Special thanks go to the eu-LISA Management Board and Advisory Groups, to our colleagues in DG HOME at the European Commission, and to the European Parliament LIBE Committee as well as the Network of Justice and Home Affairs Agencies. We also say thank you to each and every wonderful person who has worked for eu-LISA in Tallinn, Strasbourg or Brussels!18{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}
eu-LISA Information Leaflet 2016eu-LISA Information Leaflet 2016eu-LISA is the European Agency that ensures 24/7 operational management of the European Union’s (EU) largest IT systems and their respective communication infrastructure in the area of freedom, security and justice Eurodac, SIS II and VIS. With information technology, eu-LISA safeguards the EU’s internal security and supports the implementation of asylum, migration and border management policies for the benefit of citizens.17{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}<a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/eu-LISA_DE_web.pdf" target="_blank">eu-LISA_DE_web.pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/eu-LISA_ET_web.pdf" target="_blank">eu-LISA_ET_web.pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/eu-LISA_FR_web.pdf" target="_blank">eu-LISA_FR_web.pdf</a>
Eurodac Information Leaflet 2016Eurodac Information Leaflet 2016Eurodac is the centralised European database that stores and processes the digitalised fingerprints of asylum seekers and irregular migrants who have entered a European country. This helps determine the Member State responsible for examining an asylum application.16{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}<a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/EURODAC_DE_web.pdf" target="_blank">EURODAC_DE_web.pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/EURODAC_ET_web.pdf" target="_blank">EURODAC_ET_web.pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/EURODAC_FR_web.pdf" target="_blank">EURODAC_FR_web.pdf</a>
SIS II Information Leaflet 2016SIS II Information Leaflet 2016The second generation Schengen Information System (SIS II) is a large-scale IT system that supports internal security and the exchange of information on people and objects between national police, border control, customs, visa and judicial authorities. As people and goods can move in the Schengen Area without being checked at internal borders, SIS II is used by security officials to help keep people safe and counter cross-border crime.15{9b47a889-222a-49cc-9a04-7eec81cf4ab9}<a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/SIS II_DE_web.pdf" target="_blank">SIS II_DE_web.pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/SIS II_ET_web.pdf" target="_blank">SIS II_ET_web.pdf</a><a href="/Publications/Documents/Leaflets2016/SIS II_FR_web.pdf" target="_blank">SIS II_FR_web.pdf</a>