ETIAS and Eurodac webinars a big success

On Tuesday 4 May more than 400 participants attended an ΄ETIAS Awareness΄ webinar.  The European Commission, Europol, Frontex and eu-LISA collated the material presented during the online event, whilst CEPOL provided technical support.

The webinar provided an overview of ETIAS's most relevant legal, business and technical aspects, which were much appreciated by our largest webinar audience to date, composed of a wide range of ETIAS stakeholders and community members, all eager to learn about the new system. The event addressed topics such as a high-level description of the system's legal background, its components as well as its main interactions. Responsibilities and tasks of the ETIAS Central Unit, the ETIAS National Unit & the role of Europol were also introduced and explained to the attendees.

"It is a pleasure to see the growing interest there is in ETIAS amongst practitioners and beyond. The success of this webinar is however also rooted in the top-quality content provided by our staff and partners as well as everyone's commitment to this project. eu-LISA looks forward to continuing this excellent cooperation and delivering more and more similar training on ETIAS and the other systems in the Agency's remit." emphasised Domenico Raimondo, training expert at eu-LISA.

Prior to the ETIAS webinar, on Friday 30 April, the eu-LISA Training team hosted a Eurodac-themed webinar entitled ΄Eurodac Network Overview΄.

The aim of the webinar was to present the Eurodac network's architecture to Member State representatives that work with Eurodac, or other EU systems, interested in specific technical aspects.

This online event offered the attendees the opportunity to learn how the Eurodac network infrastructure has been setup and secured as well as how it is connected to the TESTA-ng network and the interconnection with eu-LISA's Central Unit and backup sites. An overview on how system administrators are connected to the Eurodac infrastructure and how to communicate with the system from the Member States' perspective was also provided.

"The webinar had a very specific focus. None the less, it was highly appreciated by the attendees' as it fully met their expectations. It is just one of the examples of how eu-LISA supports Member State professionals that have a very practical knowhow of the systems," said Marit Dremljuga-Telk, eu-LISA's e-learning developer.

Full webinar recordings, and the respective presentation from each webinar, are available on the eu-LISA Learning Management System for authorised users.

ETIAS; Eurodac; Member States; Training; Operational Management