EMPACT Communication Network gathers in Tallinn

Today, 15 February, eu-LISA is hosting a meeting of the European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats (EMPACT) Communication Network at its headquarters in Tallinn. This hybrid meeting is part of the activities organised under the auspices of the Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Network (JHAAN), which is being chaired by eu-LISA throughout 2024. 

The meeting in Tallinn will focus on the implementation of the EMPACT Joint Communication strategy, the main objective of which is to raise awareness of the EU's efforts to combat organised and serious international crime and to increase the visibility of EMPACT as the leading instrument in this effort. The achievement of the communication objectives will be discussed between the EU institutions, the Justice and Home Affairs agencies and the Member States that are members of the network. 

EMPACT, an EU initiative, is a comprehensive approach combining intelligence, multidisciplinary collaboration, and evidence-based strategies to tackle the most serious crime challenges across the EU. Member States lead these efforts and foster cooperation between different actors, including law enforcement agencies, EU institutions, private and public organisations, and relevant third countries.

The EMPACT priorities for 2022-2025 represent a strategic framework adopted by the Council of the European Union to address the most pressing crime challenges facing the EU. EMPACT focuses on priority areas such as high-risk criminal networks, cyber-attacks, human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children and many others. These priorities serve as focal points for joint efforts to enhance security, combat criminal activity and protect the well-being of EU citizens. By pooling resources and expertise, EMPACT aims to mitigate the impact of serious and organised crime across the EU. 

As part of the EMPACT cooperation, eu-LISA has organised a series of training sessions to raise awareness among network members of the possible benefits of using the large-scale IT systems Eurodac and SIS in the fight against illegal immigration, but also, for example, in relation to information on firearms. The Agency has also reaffirmed its commitment to the fight against cyberattacks, migrant smuggling and firearms trafficking in the framework of EMPACT cooperation. 

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Photo: eu-LISA 

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