Big interest for SIS Recast Awareness webinar

On Tuesday January 26, around 330 online participants attended the first eu-LISA "SIS Recast Awareness" webinar of the year.

The purpose of this virtual event was to raise awareness and provide a comprehensive overview of the most relevant aspects coming from the latest EU Regulations on the Schengen Information System (SIS), the largest EU security-related information exchange platform, which supports external border control and law enforcement cooperation in the Schengen Area.

During the online webinar, an outlook on new legal aspects, functionalities, additional categories of alert, technical features as well as the direct impact on SIS and SIRENE aspects, were shared with the SIS and SIRENE/IT system stakeholders at Member State level. 

"The SIS Recast Awareness webinar addressed all members of the dedicated community, as well as other stakeholders, that need to acquire high-level knowledge about the far-reaching evolution stemming from the new SIS legal basis," said Domenico Raimondo, course coordinator and expert for training on large-scale IT systems at eu-LISA.

This awareness session was the first of many upcoming training sessions organised by the Agency in relation to SIS Recast in 2021. Throughout the year eu-LISA will support SIS-SIRENE community members in their knowledge-building process in order to make all authorised personnel able to use the upcoming new features and functionalities. 

eu-LISA disseminates updates on upcoming training activities/events to all trainees who have previously attended any SIS-SIRENE courses. Webinar and course material is available to authorised Member State stakeholders in the eu-LISA LMS. Relevant public updates on future training activities/events will be shared on the eu-LISA Training webpage.

Member States; Operational Management; Training; SIS