​​As a part of eu-LISA’s core activities, the Agency provides training on the technical use of systems in its remit, namely Eurodac, the Schengen Information System (SIS) and the Visa Information System (VIS). Training is provided to IT experts from the Member States that manage the systems, SIRENE officers and Schengen evaluation team members, in line with the relevant provisions foreseen in eu-LISA’s establishing Regulation.

The new eu-LISA establishing Regulation No 1726/2018, which entered into force on 11th of December 2018, extends the Agency mandate in this respect to encompass also training on the technical use of the two systems that will enter into operation in the near future, the Entry-Exit System (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), including DubliNet.

On top of the regular courses, in 2018 eu-LISA completed the delivery of the second training cycle of SIS II Development Training Programme for IT Operators (SIS II DTPITO) at all of the foreseen levels (Entry level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level and Train the trainer). Further to that, the first complete cycle of VIS Development Training Programme for IT Operators (VIS DTPITO) was delivered in 2018, as well as three levels of Eurodac Development Training Programme for IT Operators (Eurodac DTPITO).

​eu-LISA is continuously engaged in cooperation in the training filedfield with fellow European Union Agencies in the area of Justice and Home affairs, primarily CEPOL, EBCGA and Europol. The cooperation will be further strengthened with the inter-agency preparatory work on the training plans and initiatives regarding the future IT systems.

Cooperation with the National Contact Points for training in the Member States (NCP Network) continues to focus on Training Needs assessment and identification of new training initiatives.

All of eu-LISA’s training courses are supported by a strong e-Learning component through a dedicated e-Learning Management System (LMS) platform. eu-LISA’s LMS will become increasingly important in the coming years, with a growing number of training sessions being delivered in e-learning format. An account to access to the eu-LISA LMS can be requested at the following email address:


Factsheet - Training Activities 2020


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