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Essential Courses Gallery/Introduction to Essential CoursesEssential Courses23/04/2024 21:00:00Are you interested in getting some basic information on EES and ETIAS? Or maybe about VIS, Eurodac and SIS? eu-LISA’s Member States training team has developed a full set of Essential training courses, one for each of the systems we manage, including ECRIS-TCN and Interoperability. Checkout this video overview!276
eu-LISA - What we do, in a nutshell Gallery/2023 Eu-Lisa in a nutshell v4 1080peu-LISA - What we do, in a nutshell21/03/2024 22:00:00Our mission, mandate, core activities and planned projects - Welcome to eu-LISA268
Kasia's Story - an SIS success Gallery/Kasia's Story - an SIS successKasia's Story - an SIS success24/09/2023 21:00:00Always nice to talk about success stories - here is an SIS one from a few years ago that makes all our time and dedication worth it. This is how we provide #ASaferEurope using the Schengen Information System!255
eu-LISA's 10 Year Anniversary (2012 - 2022) Gallery/eu-LISA's 10 Year Anniversary (2012 - 2022)eu-LISA's 10 Year Anniversary (2012 - 2022)06/06/2022 21:00:0010 years have passed since eu-LISA started to operate and we are proud to have been working side by side with the Member States to make Europe a safer place, and to let the citizens of today and tomorrow live their everyday lives safely in an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. Guided by our mission, we have been providing high-quality services and solutions, building trust amongst all stakeholders and continuously aligning the capabilities of technology with the evolving needs of the Member States, and finally, growing as a centre of excellence, year by year. Today we are proudly celebrating 10 years of working for the Europeans of tomorrow. We are making it happen, even if our work is invisible.252