eu-LISA roundtable on the future of secure and efficient IT service provision

On 1 July eu-LISA hosted a roundtable event with vendors in the field of information and communication technologies in Strasbourg. The roundtable brought together over 80 representatives from EU Institutions and Agencies, EU Member States and industry to discuss the state-of-the-art in the field, to put forward suggestions for future architectural evolutions and advancements for improved service provision and to examine the needs of stakeholders.

On the day, thought-provoking keynote presentations were delivered that addressed topics of wide interest while attendees also had the opportunity to attend focussed breakout sessions to delve deeper into topics of particular interest of relevance. Panel discussions focused on IT and network security, software and infrastructure services, corporate platform solutions and infrastructural upgrades.

The event is a concrete example of eu-LISA's engagement with relevant industry in a fair and transparent manner, designed to ensure that services to Member States are provided efficiently and effectively utilising the best available technologies.

The next industry roundtable event will take place in Tallinn on October 7th and will focus on technologies for border control including tools for biometric enrolment and verification, passenger processing and general border management. eu-LISA hosted its first industry roundtable in 2014 focussing on developments in biometrics and associated technologies.



European Institutions; Member States; Partners