eu-LISA's new regulation enters into force

Today, 11 December 2018, marks a major milestone in the history of eu-LISA - the Agency's new regulation enters into force. The regulation will enhance eu-LISA's capacity to both improve existing and develop new information systems for the benefit of European security, border management and migration.

  • With a strengthened mandate, eu-LISA now has better capacities to improve and develop EU information systems for security, border management and migration;

  • The extended mandate broadens the scope of the Agency´s work and provides it with a greater role in research, data quality assurance, pilot projects and testing activities;

  • eu-LISA will develop technical solutions to achieve interoperability of EU information systems in the justice and home affairs domain;

  • eu-LISA can formalise its relations with international organisations by establishing written working arrangements and memorandi of understanding (MoUs);

  • eu-LISA will develop and operate new systems, such as the Entry/Exit system (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS);

  • eu-LISA can now give proactive advice and assistance to Member States on technical issues related to existing or new IT systems, for example ad-hoc support to deal with migratory challenges.

Read the full text of the Regulation!

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