​​​​With a view to further improving the management of the external borders, and in particular, to verify compliance with the provisions on the authorised period of stay on the territory of the Member States, an Entry/Exit System (EES) is being developed by the Agency. The system will electronically register the time and place of entry and exit of third-country nationals, and calculate the duration of their authorised stay. It will replace the obligation to stamp the passports of third-country nationals which is applicable to all Member States.

The objectives of the EES also include prevention of irregular immigration and facilitating the management of migration flows. The EES will contribute to the identification of any person who does not fulfil or no longer fulfils the conditions of authorised stay on the territory of Member States. Additionally, the EES should contribute to the prevention, detection and investigation of terrorist offences and of other serious criminal offences.

Working Group for Carriers

eu-LISA has established a Working Group for carriers composed of carrier association representatives.

Further information, including meeting agendas, conclusions, as well as the registration process, can be found on the Working Group for Carriers dedicated webpage.

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Video - Enhanced Security with the Entry/Exit System