eu-LISA at the Forum on the new architecture for EU information systems

Today eu-LISA attended a high-level forum on the implementation of the new architecture of EU information systems for borders, migration and security, organised by the European Commission's DG Home. The Executive Director of eu-LISA, Krum GARKOV, provided a progress report on the work the Agency is performing with regard to the IT systems in its mandate as well as on Interoperability.

EU Member States, Schengen associated countries, representatives of the European Commission as well as EU Institutions and EU Agencies acting in the area of justice and home affairs will all discuss the state of play in implementing the new IT architectures in their respective countries and domains.

"Despite the ongoing pandemic, work with the new systems and interoperability is in progress.  Cooperation with the Commission, the Member States and the other JHA Agencies, is strong and we are all focused on the final objective. The challenging implementation schedule is monitored and risks are addressed regularly at eu-LISA governance meetings. We must not lose sight of the scope and importance of these projects as they are the result of EU citizens' requests for more efficient border management and stronger internal security." highlighted Krum GARKOV.

The initiative behind forums on the new IT architecture was launched by the European Commission's DG Home with the aim of ensuring coherent, transparent and mutually supportive joint EU implementation efforts as well as to establish a platform for regular meetings with the wide spectrum of stakeholders.

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