Krum Garkov: e-services are the neural system of Europe today

The Executive Director of eu-LISA Krum GARKOV took the floor at the e-SENS conference in Brussels on 2-3 March as guest speaker during the panel "Sustaining the transformation –what is the plan for the future?" and also delivered the closing remarks of the conference.

Mr Garkov shared with the audience the importance of e-services for modern societies, economic development and growth. "IT technologies and e-services based on these, are the main tools for modern societies to be efficient and successful. e-services are the neural system of today´s society", emphasised Krum Garkov. He noted that Europe today is at the point of its economic and social development, where cross-border e-services are of extreme importance for its economic growth. He said that sustainable management and evolution of these EU e-services requires centralized management to accommodate the standardization, consolidation, scalability and interoperability of the services, in order for them to fulfil their full potential and purpose. "An EU level entity with proven capabilities and expertise in managing EU IT systems, complemented with strong organizational practices in cyber security and data protection, would be the best option to maximize value for all stakeholders - citizens, businesses and Member States. eu-LISA is prepared to capitalize on the experience gathered to date and to develop its contribution in new policy domains. For this reason, the Agency is exploring the possibility to take on the responsibilities of operational management and evolution for the e-CODEX platform in 2018. With joint efforts by the Member States, EU institutions and eu-LISA, European e-services will soon deliver their benefits to Europe as a whole" stated Krum Garkov.

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