Connecting the Dots in a New Security Ecosystem

‚ÄčToday, the European Commission sets out a new EU Security Union Strategy for the period 2020 to 2025, focusing on priority areas where the EU can bring value to support Member States in fostering security for all those living in Europe. From combatting terrorism and organised crime, to preventing and detecting hybrid threats and increasing the resilience of our critical infrastructure, to promoting cybersecurity and fostering research and innovation, the strategy lays out the tools and measures to be developed over the next 5 years to ensure security in our physical and digital environment.

This strategy lays out 4 strategic priorities for action at EU level:

  1. A future-proof security environment
    Individuals rely on key infrastructures, online and offline, to travel, work or benefit from essential public services; and attacks on such infrastructures can cause huge disruptions. Preparedness and resilience are key for quick recovery. The Commission will put forward new EU rules on the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure, physical and digital.
  2. Tackling evolving threats
    Criminals increasingly exploit technological developments to their ends, with malware and data theft on the rise. The Commission will make sure that existing EU rules against cybercrime are fit for purpose and correctly implemented, and will explore measures against identity theft.
  3. Protecting Europeans from terrorism and organised crime
    Fighting terrorism starts with addressingthe polarisation of society, discrimination and other factors that can reinforce people's vulnerability to radical discourse. The work on anti-radicalisation will focus on early detection, resilience building and disengagement, as well as rehabilitation and reintegration in society.
  4. A strong European security ecosystem
    Governments, law enforcement authorities, businesses, social organisations, and those living in Europe all have a common responsibility in fostering security. Research and innovation are powerful tools to counter threats  and to anticipate risks and opportunities. As part of the review of Europol's mandate, the Commission will look into the creation of a European Innovation hub for internal security.

eu-LISA has always been an integral part of the Security Union Strategy and is committed to contributing and supporting with the Large-Scale IT Systems iit manages and to all related initiatives with the European Commission.

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