VIS has processed 20,000,000 visa applications

Following the successful roll-out of the Visa Information System (VIS) at consular posts worldwide, it gives eu-LISA great pleasure to inform you that VIS has processed its 20,000,000th visa application. This represents around 1,0Bn€ in non-fiscal revenues for Member States since its entry into operations on the 11th of October 2011.

Following the provisions of the Commission’s Implementing Decision 2015/731, Member States hav started using VIS globally and only this year VIS will have efficiently processed close to 9.5Mi applications. This solely has brought in around 500Mi€ for Member States, not accounting for the additional touristic revenues drawn from those who travelled to Europe.

The Central System is consistently performing very well, subsequent to the completion of the full VIS roll-out schedule to the consular authorities. eu-LISA is continuously enhancing the performance of the system by upgrading the current VIS storage-processing capacity and increasing its processing times to better support the business and particularly border related activities of Member States.

By Q2 2016 the system processing capability will be upgraded towards an intermediate step of 60Mi applications. In the next couple of years the VIS storage-processing capacity will be further increased to a target estimated between 80Mi and 120Mi visa applications, in line with data protection and retention rules.

The plan for roll-out in the region ‘external borders’ is under further discussions, with the roll-out to this last region enabling border guards to issue biometric visas. In addition, VIS Mail phase 2 will soon enter into operations and replace the VISION mechanism. From that moment onwards, Member States will globally use VIS Mail for the Schengen consultation processes.

The Agency is thus very pleased to inform all stakeholders of the smooth operations of the Visa Information System globally.

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