Tartu University Visit

Students from International Summer University visit eu-LISA

On 14 July 2015 a group of 30 PhD students and the programme director visited eu-LISA headquarters in Tallinn. The visit took place in the framework of a summer school with the topic "Estonian e-Society: from e-Services and e-Governance to Cyber Security" organised by the University of Tartu.

The visit to eu-LISA was one of the highlights of the summer programme, providing useful insight into the organization of an Agency closely connected to cyber security and secure management of large-scale IT systems.

Students were introduced to the role of the Agency in safeguarding the European Union's internal security throughout the operational management of the three large-scale IT systems (SIS II, VIS and Eurodac) used by law enforcement and border management authorities. eu-LISA staff members explained the Agency's core mandate and tasks, in the context of security and cyber-security.

The visitors took a keen interest in issues such as the evolution of the systems' management, the legal basis of the Agency, eu-LISA's role in policy making processes at EU level and the real influence on everyday life of European citizens.

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