First roundtable event with industry

‚ÄčOn 06 November, eu-LISA hosted its first roundtable event with industrial stakeholders in Tallinn, Estonia. Representatives from 25 companies attended the event, titled 'Future of Automated Border Management'. As detailed in the open call for attendance, the goal was to examine developments in biometrics and associated technologies. Attendees had the opportunity to present their thoughts on potential developments in biometric-based border control in the medium term and to detail and demonstrate technological advances that may be relevant.  A particular focus of the event was on the new large-scale IT systems proposed under the European Commission's Smart Borders initiative. The technologies discussed may be important both for the proof of concept testing to be coordinated by eu-LISA in 2015 and the possible development of the systems later.

The event was part of the Agency's efforts to engage the private sector in a fair and transparent manner in order to maximally benefit from their knowledge and expertise. eu-LISA intends to organise similar events in the future, each focussing on different topics of relevance. All such events will be advertised on our website in advance. 

Stakeholders; Operational Management; Smart borders