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Registration for the eu-LISA Industry Roundtable event on ICT on July 1st is now open

Call for Registration - Participation in eu-LISA roundtable on the future of secure and efficient IT service provision 


eu-LISA delivers high quality service to end-users by ensuring the continuous, secure and effective operation of the three large-scale IT systems for which it is responsible. The field of IT and associated technologies evolves quickly however, a fact reflected in the Agency's establishing regulation in which the monitoring of technologies and the evolution of systems in line with developments are assigned as Agency tasks. It is crucial that the Agency interacts with relevant industry to learn more about developments and trends and shape advancement going forward in line with European needs.  As a centre of expertise in IT, eu-LISA is also well placed to extend service provision to other users going forward – perhaps other European Agencies or entities who could take advantage of eu-LISA's expertise, knowledge and capabilities of relevance. 

Organisation and context

eu-LISA intends to organise a roundtable meeting "Future of Secure and Efficient IT service provision" on July 1st  in Strasbourg, France. The event will provide an opportunity for industry to update on methods and solutions and to provide ideas for the near future that may be relevant both for the advancement of eu-LISA's large-scale IT systems and the possible provision of enterprise software services to others in the future. Discussions will be open to all attendees and no bilateral meetings will be organised.  The aim is to assemble and share thoughts; under no circumstances should the event be considered as a prelude or an advantage to eventual procurement exercises. The focus will be on recent and near-future developments and only public information will be shared with participants.


The event will combine keynote presentations made to all attendees with smaller workshops on topics of special interest, as delineated in the draft agenda. The main areas of focus are:

  1. IT and network security

  2. Software/platform/infrastructure as a service

  3. Infrastructural upgrades to improve service agility

  4. Software to promote collaboration

  5. Corporate Platform Solutions

Presentations are anticipated from vendors themselves, eu-LISA, EU Agencies and Institutions and relevant vendor representative bodies.

Participation and Logistics

eu-LISA would therefore like to call on IT vendors and integrators to express their interest in attending the event. Attendees may have the opportunity to present their work and should indicate a willingness to do so in their submission. eu-LISA will select presenters from those submitted based on the relevance of the topics proposed and the expertise of the proposing companies. Capacity is limited and eu-LISA reserves the right to select attendees based on their areas of expertise and knowledge and their likely relevance to the proposed discussions. The Agency will not be in a position to cover any costs associated with attendance at the event.

Please express your interest to eu-LISA by completing the on-line form here

In your response, please include reference to your specific area(s) of expertise. Should you be interested in providing a presentation to all attendees, please indicate this and select your preferred session from those indicated in the draft agenda.

For further information on the meeting, please contact:

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