Mobile Malware Week

eu-LISA is proud to announce that we will take part of the European Mobile Malware Awareness Campaign during the last week of the European Cyber Security Month, together with 22 Member States, 3 non-EU countries, ENISA and Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3).

All of us use smartphones or tablets but do we know how to protect these devices from cybercrime, loss of money or from being controlled by a stranger? Every year, law enforcement around the EU records an increase in mobile malware and related criminal activities.

To raise awareness about this criminal phenomenon and its consequences, we introduce this week an overview of the threats and key vulnerabilities of the mobile devices. You will also learn HOW to download apps, do internet banking and connect to WI-FI in a secure way and how to avoid becoming a victim of mobile ransomware.

Follow eu-LISA's communication campaign via our social media channels, the campaign's website  and its #MobileMalware tag. Don't forget to watch the campaign's video too!

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