LIBE Committee delegation visits Operational site

eu-LISA proudly received a visiting delegation from the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee today to discuss the legislative proposals for regulations on Interoperability.

Topics on the agenda included the relevance of interoperability of Large-scale IT Systems in facing today’s challenges, a high-level view of the impact two new Regulations will have on eu-LISA and the current generation of JHA systems, the key functional changes that will be required to make the current systems interoperable and project management as well as organisational, security and budget related aspects that will stem from the proposed regulations.

“Capacity building in the Member States is one of the essential elements of the overall effort to implement interoperability” said Krum Garkov, eu-LISA’s Executive Director. “In this regard, there is an ongoing discussion between the relevant EU Agencies about the need to have a Joint approach to capacity building and towards maximising the effects of technology.”

The meeting was followed by a visit to the Operators room where all visitors were able to see and learn about some of the “hands-on” work and details of the Agency’s 24/7 obligations.

The visit concluded with a brief description and illustration of the ongoing site improvements.

A photo gallery is available on our Facebook page.

European Institutions; JHAA; Member States; Operational Management