High Level Expert Group's first meeting on Information Systems and Interoperability

On Monday June 20th, the European Commission hosted the first meeting of the High Level Expert Group on Information Systems and Interoperability. The Group, established following the Commission’s Communication on Stronger and Smarter Information Systems for Borders and Security, will examine improvements to current large-scale IT systems in the JHA area, development of new systems required to fill gaps in the current information architecture and interoperability between existing and newly-developed systems as a means to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

During the meeting, participants agreed on work priorities and modalities for engagement in the coming months, with a final report from the group in May/June 2017 being the most crucial outcome. During his intervention, eu-LISA's Executive Director welcomed the fact that the establishment of the Expert Group brings technology to the fore in terms of political priorities and suggested that there was a need to use the momentum created to build a shared vision for the future. He also emphasised the importance of data quality in large-scale IT in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. As a basis for further work, he suggested that an information architecture model be created to examine current information availability and by extension, requirements for change. Finally, he noted that given appropriate resources eu-LISA is ready to work to achieve the ambitious outcomes sought.

JHAA; Operational Management; Smart borders