Heads of Diplomatic Missions and Senior Estonian Officials Annual Briefing Held Online

eu-LISA hosted today, 4 March 2021, in a virtual format, its 7th high-level meeting with Ambassadors and representatives from diplomatic missions in Estonia. Already a traditional annual event, the briefing is also attended by senior officials from the Estonian administration.

An overview of the Agency's priorities for the current year, as well as the effects of COVID-19 on operational activities, were presented by Executive Director Krum Garkov and Deputy Executive Director Luca Tagliaretti.

Uku Särekanno, Head of Cabinet of the Executive Management, outlined the state-of-play on the large-scale IT systems entrusted to eu-LISA – Eurodac, SIS, and VIS, as well as EES, ETIAS and ECRIS-TCN, which are currently under development.

A key topic discussed was the Agency's growing role in the justice domain. With the development and takeover of the ECRIS RI (European Criminal Records Information System Reference Implementation) and e‐CODEX - scheduled for 2023 - eu-LISA will gain a prominent role in implementing the European Commission's vision on the digitalisation of justice in the EU.

Despite the physical separation, participants engaged in a highly interactive discussion.

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