Europe Day 2023

On the 9th of May we celebrated Europe Day – focusing on and reminding ourselves of the vision, efforts and sacrifices required to build our united Europe of common values and the opportunities it brings.

As we celebrate, we cannot overlook the challenges of recent years, ranging from the financial crisis to a pandemic to the war in Ukraine. Critical times and crises highlight more than ever the importance of solidarity, responsibility and unity. These values underpin the strength of the European Union. Our common values are fuel for the EU engine that gives the Union its power to overcome difficult periods and maintain the quest for better times for all, be they citizens of the EU or people that share our values,” said Agnès Diallo, Executive Director of eu-LISA. 

Our ultimate role in eu-LISA is to serve citizens. We do this by helping to keep Europe safe and secure, as well as open. Together with the EU institutions, Member States, other agencies and a broad network of partners we contribute to building a better Europe. We help our stakeholders by providing cutting edge digital tools and technologies that serve citizens, while protecting their privacy and personal data. The results of our work are inseparable from ensuring safe and secure daily lives for European people and visitors to the Schengen Area. At eu-LISA we are proud to contribute to these goals and we celebrate Europe Day, a milestone with powerful symbolic value in Europe as well as globally,” she concluded.

eu-LISA marked Europe Day with engaging activities on- and off-line

In Tallinn, eu-LISA’s info-stand was set up in the city centre together with the European Commission's Representation and the European Parliament’s Estonian Liaison Office. We shared information about the Agency and invited visitors to get involved with activities to raise their awareness of eu-LISA and of Europe. Further to this, with the network of EU Agencies, we also presented ourselves and our collective work with online actions.

Europe Day in Tallinn included a knowledge hunt for school classes in which the winners got a class trip prize. The "hunt" took place online through a 10-checkpoints game held via the Navicup app

Earlier in the day, the President of Estonia, Alar Karis, presented the "European of the Year award" winner, followed by a discussion on Estonia's achievements in the European Union. 

Last but not least, after an exciting array of activities, Europe Day ended with a spectacular open-air concert in Tallinn’s Freedom Square.

Photo gallery of Europe Day in Tallinn

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