Estonian IT Development Centre delegation visits eu-LISA

A delegation of the IT Development Centre of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior (SMIT), led by the newly appointed General Director Mr Mart Nielsen, visited eu-LISA's Headquarters in Tallinn on 3 April 2023.

Welcomed by eu-LISA Deputy Executive Director Luca Tagliaretti, the participants discussed the state of play of the large-scale IT systems managed and developed by eu-LISA and the cooperation between the Agency and SMIT.

Established in 2008, SMIT develops and manages the internal security related IT-systems for the Estonian government, including the Police and Border Guard Board, the Emergency Response Centre, the Rescue Board, the Academy of Security Sciences and the Ministry of the Interior.

Meetings with EU Member States' authorities contribute to strengthening eu-LISA's constructive relations with its stakeholders, which are vital for ensuring a safe and secure EU.