The EUROFRONT Programme visits Strasbourg

‚Äčeu-LISA had the pleasure this morning of receiving a visiting delegation from the International Italo-Latin American Organisation (IILA), as part of the EUROFRONT Programme, a European Union funded programme aimed at strengthening integrated border management in Latin America. 

The objective of the study visit is, through the analysis of good practices of the European Union and partner countries in the field of information exchange, common databases and artificial intelligence systems in border control, to formulate a roadmap for the improvement of the regulations of Latin American countries, related to migration and police cooperation for an efficient border management, through the implementation of new tools and regulatory harmonisation.

The visiting party was given an overview of the tasks and core activities of the Agency as well as insight to the legislation that governs our day-to-day business. Of particular interest to the delegation were details about the interpretation of the legislation and how eu-LISA transposes legislature into centralised large-scale IT systems and the work related to making Interoperability a reality.

European Institutions; Smart borders; Operational Management