EES-ETIAS, ECRIS-TCN and Interoperability Advisory Groups Highlights

Another busy week for eu-LISA and the Member States, with three Advisory Group (AG) meetings taking place over the course of three consecutive days, between 9 and 11 March 2021.

The 15th meeting of the Interoperability AG, followed by the 25th EES-ETIAS AG meeting, and then the 15th meeting of the ECRIS-TCN AG, brought together more than 100 Member State and European Commission representatives, observers and eu-LISA staff.

The participants discussed the project status for each individual large-scale IT system, as well as the latest information for their respective Programme Management Board (PMB) meetings, and knowledge gathered at the Interoperability Conference that took place on 17 February 2021.

Further to these, the following topics were also covered:


The status of the

Shared Biometric Matching Service (sBMS)

Update on the development of the National Uniform Interfaces (NUI)Update on ECRIS RI (Reference Implementation) maintenance

The use of Eurodac in the Interoperability framework

Update from the 2nd EES/ VIS TEG meeting
The Interface Control Document (ICD) for ECRIS-TCN


The next meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • Interoperability: 12-13 April 2021
  • EES-ETIAS: 13-14 April 2021
  • ECRIS-TCN: 15 April

Each AG meeting contributes to informing all involved stakeholders about the latest developments and improving the IT systems that form the Schengen Area's digital backbone. The harmonised efforts of the Member States and eu-LISA help boost Europe's internal security and strengthen border management.

Detailed information about each large-scale IT system and their contribution to keeping Europe safe can be found on our interactive Discover eu-LISA portal.

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