First ECRIS-TCN Development Milestone Reached

eu-LISA has taken over operational management of the ECRIS Reference Implementation (RI) from DG-JUST as of 14 April 2020. This marks the first milestone in the development of ECRIS-TCN, a new, centralised, hit/no-hit large-scale IT system to supplement the existing EU criminal records database (ECRIS) on non-EU nationals convicted in the European Union.

ECRIS, the European Criminal Records Information System, provides an electronic exchange of criminal record information on a decentralised basis between Member States. Developed in 2012, ECRIS RI offers a web-based integration interface which enables connecting with Member States' legal systems such as their criminal record registers.

Once operational, ECRIS-TCN (European Criminal Records Information System – Third Country Nationals) will allow Member States to find out much quicker in which other Member State(s) information on previous convictions of a non-EU national are stored.

Efficient exchange of criminal records information is instrumental in combating cross-border crime. ECRIS-TCN will contribute to implementing the principle of mutual recognition of sentences and judicial decisions in a common area of justice and security where people move freely, such as the Schengen Area.

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