Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – respected values in eu-LISA

The month of May marks the European Diversity Month. It embodies the European Commission's long-term commitment to diverse workplaces and inclusive societies. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of eu-LISA’s ambition to embrace the unique potential, perspectives and experiences that our people bring to the organisation. By embracing the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we perform better in finding innovative solutions and we are more equipped to tap into the different skills sets that we all have. Diversity reflects the range of characteristics and manners we show or strive for, while an inclusive organisation unlocks the potential of different perspectives and backgrounds. Equity is the capacity to embrace equality, so that each one of us can bring the best of ourselves to the organisation. Together these values help build cohesive teams, where each one feels fairly treated, valued and empowered,” said Agnès Diallo, Executive Director of eu-LISA. 

eu-LISA has adopted the EUAN’s Charter on diversity and inclusion to reaffirm the Agency’s commitment to these values. The eu-LISA management takes the lead in setting the priorities for the related action plans, which build on the existing initiatives and seek ways to expand eu-LISA actions in this important area.

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