First meeting of the Central Repository for Reporting and Statistics focus group

Yesterday, the first meeting of the EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Agencies’ group on the Central Repository for Reporting and Statistics (CRRS) was successfully held at eu-LISA’s premises in Strasbourg, France. Earlier this year, the JHA Agencies group on Interoperability expressed particular interest in the future possibilities for improved statistical analysis that could be offered through interoperability, thus creating a focus group to deal with this topic.

The main focus of the meeting was the presentation of a data warehouse showcase developed by eu-LISA in recent months. The presentation was followed by a demonstration of its capabilities. Participants appreciated the opportunity to understand the possibilities offered by the tool and visualise various data representations prepared ad hoc at their request. In considering likely business uses of the CRRS, the emphasis of discussions was the update frequency of particular data-points as well as the likely usefulness of trend analysis and anomaly detection information that could be provided by the CRRS.

Other topics covered extending the preliminary data catalogue prepared by eu-LISA, possible data comparisons to be included in regular reports, data quality and interfacing possibilities.

Participants from EASO, Europol, Eurojust, FRA and Frontex, alongside eu-LISA, attended the event. It was agreed that the group should meet 3-4 times in the coming 9-12 month period to discuss and gather a full set of requirements ahead of the CRRS development.

Interoperability; JHAA