Romanian Police Academy visit to eu-LISA

A week for teaching and learning about eu-LISA

The first week of June was a very busy one for staff at eu-LISA headquarters in Tallinn. First they managed the meetings of the Advisory Groups and subsequently welcomed several visiting groups from European academia and schools.

On 01 June a group of 15 students from the Berlin School of Economics & Law and their professor visited eu-LISA within the framework of a Police Management Course. A delegation of 21 PhD students and professors from the Romanian Police Academy came to the Agency on 05 June under the Operational Programme for Human Resource Development. The research interest of the bachelor and post-graduate students focused around topics related to public order and national safety.

eu-LISA staff members explained the role of the Agency in safeguarding the European Union's internal security and the functioning of the three large-scale IT systems which are used in law enforcement and border management. The debate focused around the impact of the use of advanced biometric systems and sophisticated information and communication technology to implement the Union's policies in the area of justice, security and freedom.  

More general discussions about the Agency and its daily activities took place with a group of 40 pupils and teachers from the European Schools in  Tallinn, Helsinki, Parma, Strasbourg and Heraklion, visiting Estonia as part of an Erasmus Plus project. The aim of the project is to allow 11-14 year old pupils to learn about different EU countries and the EU Agencies they host, as without such agencies there would hardly be the system of European Schools as it exists today. Many eu-LISA staff members are directly involved in the life of the European School in Tallinn and thus it was easy to find a "common language" with the pupils and their teachers to explain the impact of eu-LISA on everyday life of European citizens.



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