Considered the flagship project of EU e-Justice, e-CODEX – which stands for e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange – is a decentralised IT system that provides an interoperable solution for cross-border exchange of judiciary data, thus allowing all Member States to communicate with each other using their existing national systems.

e-CODEX allows its users - competent judicial authorities, legal practitioners - to electronically send and receive case-related data, whether texts, audio or video recordings, in a swift and secure manner.

In an increasingly digital society, with an estimated 10 million people in the EU involved in cross-border civil and criminal litigation, and considering the complex variety of the different legal systems across EU Member States, simplifying and facilitating cross-border judicial cooperation is crucial to ensure the effective access of citizens and businesses to justice.

e-CODEX has been maintained for over a decade by an international consortium comprised of EU Member States and legal professional organisations. In order to find a long-term sustainable solution for its evolution, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament have entrusted e-CODEX to eu-LISA, which is set to take over responsibility for the system in the second semester of 2023, after the European Commission has declared the handover/ takeover process complete.

eu-LISA will be responsible, among others, for the technical development and maintenance of e-CODEX, bug fixing, updates, support, the development of new features in order to respond to emerging requirements, as well as the coordination of testing activities.

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