eu-LISA: we all have a share in providing for freedom, security and justice in Europe

​On 4 March eu-LISA hosts the first meeting of the network of EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Agencies at its headquarters in Tallinn. The meeting marks the beginning of eu-LISA's chairmanship of the network which consists of nine JHA Agencies, the European Commission and the European External Action Service.

The expert-level meeting convenes at eu-LISA to agree on further steps for cooperation in areas such as sharing analysis and reports produced by JHA Agencies, identifying synergies in providing training and expertise to national law enforcement authorities, determining potential needs for cooperation in the area of IT services and solutions, and enhancing awareness on EU JHA Agencies at national and EU level.

The meeting on 4 March takes stock of the progress made in the inter-agency cooperation so far, continues with various projects already started and launches new initiatives. The collaboration aims to enhance the security of EU citizens and Member States, to contribute to the prevention of serious and organised crime, to increase respect for fundamental rights and gender equality and to work towards EU institutions and bodies strengthening the economies of scale and the efficiency of their activities.​

Under the eu-LISA chairmanship of the network, regular expert-level meetings will take place both, in Tallinn as well as Strasbourg, which is the operations site of eu-LISA.