eu-LISA - Interoperability as the Essential Building Block for Digital Resilience

Today, eu-LISA hosts its 7th Annual Conference "Interoperability - Building Digital Resilience for the EU Justice and Home Affairs Community". The conference is organised in cooperation with the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union and aims to tackle the top priority issues regarding digitalisation in EU justice and home affairs.


The focus of the fully digital conference is set on the paradigm shift introduced by interoperability while also reflecting on aspects of its technical implementation. The conference aims, on one hand, to explore how the JHA community can benefit from an enhanced focus on innovation & technology and, on the other hand, to touch upon the potential influence of innovation and the latest technological solutions to policy-making at EU and national levels. Possible implications from the COVID-19 pandemic on the acceleration of digital transformation, as well as benefits and possibilities for the law enforcement sector stemming from the new information architecture form another set of questions for discussions and reflections.


The conferences is honoured by Commissioner JOHANSSON's keynote statement, emphasising that eu-LISA together with the national counterparts in all EU Member States are the backbone of the Schengen Area, making the most cherished right of Europeans, freedom of movement, possible.


"Digital transformation is one of the building blocks of NextGenerationEU and eu-LISA is the Agency delivering the necessary digital platforms, to justice and home affairs communities, that provide tangible benefits for EU citizens, enabling the practical implementation of one of their fundamental rights –freedom of movement. We can be successful if we, all those engaged in these communities, see this as our common goal and work jointly to achieve it. It is therefore a great privilege for eu-LISA to organise this year's annual conference, with the German Presidency, and through common efforts reach a remarkable blend of stakeholder communities from all across Europe. At this conference we will discuss with EU policy makers, national experts and partners the 'new normality' we are all living in and how interoperability strengthens the digital resilience and the challenges we need to consider on our way to NextGenerationEU. With this exchange we build our common success", emphasised Krum GARKOV, Executive Director of eu-LISA.



eu-LISA Annual Conferences

The Agency has established a solid tradition of organising annual conferences targeted at EU and national level stakeholders and experts. These conferences have grown in scope and partnerships over the years. eu-LISA is proud to have organised several annual conferences in partnership with countries holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The very first conference, with less than 100 participants, has grown and in 2020 counts over 500 registered participants. The 2020 conference, affected by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, takes place entirely online.



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