eu-LISA starts the preparation for the development of Collaboration Platform for Joint Investigation Teams

In the first week of September, the governance bodies of Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) Collaboration Platform (CP) and e-CODEX will hold their meetings in Brussels. 

Key stakeholders from EU judicial communities and representatives of Member States, European Commission and the JITs Network Secretariat will gather for the first meeting of the JITs CP Advisory Group and the Programme Management Board, which will take place on 5 and 7 September. Further to the JIT CP Advisory Group, this week will also see the e-CODEX Advisory Group holding its fifth meeting, as well as the e-CODEX Programme Management Board meeting of their respective expert group.

The JITs Collaboration Platform will be developed as per the Regulations (EU) 2023/969 and 2018/1726 to facilitate cooperation and communication between judicial and law enforcement authorities of several States to fight cross-border crime across Europe. JITs can be composed of the competent authorities of the EU Member States, the competent authorities of third countries, EU bodies and Agencies. JITs CP will facilitate the exchange and temporary storage of operational information and evidence, ensure secure communication, additionally it will support the JIT evaluation process. 

The Collaboration Platform will be accessible via a secure connection over the internet and will be comprised of a centralised information system, accessible through a web portal, communications software for mobile and desktop devices, and a connection between the centralised information system and relevant IT tools that support the functioning of JITs and are managed by the JITs Network Secretariat that is hosted at Eurojust. The platform will be provided with state-of the-art software that allows for non-traceable communication. The JIT Collaboration Platform should be operational by the end of 2025. 


eu-LISA's governance structure comprises a Management Board (MB), an Executive Director (ED) and Advisory Groups (AG). Advisory Groups are composed of experts from EU Member States, Schengen Associated Countries, the European Commission and other EU Agencies. Their role is to provide their respective Programme Management Board (PMB), and the eu-LISA Management Board, with technical expertise and advice regarding the evolution and further development of eu-LISA's large-scale IT systems.

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