Call for Registration: eu-LISA industry roundtable October 28th, Tallinn

​​​Participation in eu-LISA roundtable 'Interoperable IT systems for Europe: Towards greater standardisation and better efficiency'


eu-LISA delivers high quality service to end-users by ensuring the continuous, secure and effective operation of the three large-scale IT systems for which it is responsible. As it seeks to provide more efficient service provision, a goal of the Agency is to take advantage of the consolidation of systems management provided for when the Agency was established in 2012 and implement common infrastructures and services when benefits are definitively evident and when possible from technical and legal perspectives. Use of shared hardware, platforms, and in some cases applications, can lead to financial savings from the operational management perspective, efficiencies in maintenance and development for both system managers and end users and more effective and harmonised usage. Recently, the European Commission's Communication on Stronger and Smarter Information Systems for Borders and Security provided new impetus to discussions on system interoperability. It is an opportune moment, therefore, to bring industry together to discuss the state-of-the-art in technologies of relevance, general possibilities in the short to medium terms and possible execution of proof of concept exercises.​

Organisation and context

eu-LISA intends to organise a roundtable meeting "Interoperable IT systems for Europe: Towards greater standardisation and better efficiency" on October 28th 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia. The event will provide an opportunity for involved EU parties to update the industry on current thinking in the area of interoperability and for industry in turn to update on possibilities for advancement. Discussions will be open to all attendees and no bilateral meetings will be organised.  The aim is to assemble and share thoughts; under no circumstances should the event be considered as a prelude or an advantage to eventual procurement exercises. The focus will be on recent and near-future developments and only public information will be shared with participants.


The event will combine presentations made by relevant EU representatives with interventions from vendors detailing their experiences with interoperable systems and their implementation, as delineated in the draft agenda. The main areas of focus are:

  1. Development of flexible and adaptable single interfaces to several IT systems

  2. Roadmaps for development of such interfaces: proof of concept exercises, demonstrations, experiences and planning to ensure success

  3. Success stories in the development and application of shared biometric matching services

A panel discussion is also planned in which all attendees will have the opportunity to provide input and perspectives to feed further planning. Further information is available in the draft agenda.​

Participation and Logistics

eu-LISA would like to call on IT vendors and integrators to register their interest in attending. Attendees may have the opportunity to present their work and should indicate a willingness to do so in their submission. eu-LISA will select presenters from those submitted based on the relevance of the topics proposed and the expertise of the proposing companies. Capacity is limited and eu-LISA reserves the right to select attendees based on their areas of expertise and knowledge and their likely relevance to the proposed discussions. The Agency will not be in a position to cover any costs associated with attendance at the event.

Please express your interest to eu-LISA by completing the on-line form here.  In your response, please include reference to your specific area(s) of expertise. Should you be interested in providing a presentation to all attendees, please indicate.

For further information on the meeting, please contact: