eu-LISA at the JHA Council meeting in Tallinn

On Thursday 6 July and Friday 7 July, an informal meeting of justice and home affairs ministers will be held in Tallinn under the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Over two days, ministers will focus on the security and safety of Europe, one of the main concerns of people and a priority of the presidency.

eu-LISA will attend the sessions on migration and interoperability, both important areas of the Agency's responsibilities. eu-LISA is in charge of large-scale IT systems that support EU law enforcement cooperation as well as border and migration management. The Agency will have an instrumental role in achieving interoperability amongst the existing IT systems as well as developing and managing the new systems as soon as the updated mandate of eu-LISA becomes approved by the co-legislators.

Ministers will reflect also on the future of e-justice. The need for secure, sustainable and interoperable electronic information tools to further develop the European area of Justice is gaining ever more importance. eu-LISA will also attend the related working event.

There will be live coverage of the meeting by the Estonian Public Broadcasting tomorrow starting at 08.00 local time (07.00 CET), which can be followed at:





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