eu-LISA and the Commission strengthen collaboration in research & innovation

Today, the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (eu-LISA) and the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission (DG HOME) signed dedicated Terms of Reference to improve collaboration on research and innovation relevant to the JHA domain.

Research is strategic both to address today's challenges and to anticipate future challenges and opportunities deriving from technological development. The Terms of Reference are significant in ensuring that research funded by the EU provides state of the art technologies, solutions and knowledge to the Agency and, through them to Member States, for the operational management of IT systems.

The improved collaboration with the Commission will allow eu-LISA to identify and elaborate input to DG HOME on research and innovation needs related to long-term innovative solutions for the evolution of operational management of the large-scale IT systems in the Agency's mandate, as well as on interoperability, biometrics, data quality, data security and communication network security.

"The Terms of Reference will be useful to strengthen our collaboration on EU-funded security research and innovation. The competence of eu-LISA will be important to increase the potential that innovation from the best European researchers, companies and practitioners, supported by the EU, is used to improve and manage large-scale IT systems, not least with future technology born in the EU and that fully respects EU values and fundamental rights," said Monique Pariat, Director-General for Migration and Home Affairs, DG-HOME, European Commission.

"Formalising these Terms of Reference today is another important step on the way towards a more coordinated approach in the area of innovation across Europe. eu-LISA is committed to continue increasing its contribution and footprint in this area and to stay at the forefront of European research and innovation. At the same time, the Agency firmly believes that success in the area of innovation can be built only through synergies and complementarity between the different actors involved," added Krum Garkov, Executive Director of eu-LISA.

The 2018 extended mandate for eu-LISA foresees the Agency taking an active role in research within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and Horizon 2020 Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation. Working in said programmes and projects will permit the Agency to provide advice on the identification of capability, capacity, effectiveness and efficiency gaps, advice on translating gaps into requirements for solutions to be researched and advice on the development of solutions by facilitating their operational testing and validation.

eu-LISA looks forward to further coordinating research and innovation activities with DG HOME and other relevant parties. Investing in projects that will have permanent positive effects on the large-scale IT systems in the justice and home affairs realm is beneficial not only to the persons that work with them. The results of our joint efforts will improve internal security and border management across Europe for the wellbeing of all its citizens.

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