eu-LISA and Europe Day 2015

eu-LISA marked Europe Day 2015 by being part of the 9th of May Open Door activities of the EU House in Tallinn, Estonia, delivering information about the Agency and issuing  eu-LISA "stamps" into the Europe Day special passports of the Travel Game, known also as the Passport Game.

eu-LISA chose the proactive approach to be visible and increase overall awareness about the tasks of the Agency. Therefore, people who wanted to get eu-LISA gadgets, had to solve special quizzes on the Agency. By the end of the day hundreds of people had spent quite some time reading the eu-LISA information materials to solve the not too easy questions of the quizzes and were visibly happy to receive the prizes with eu-LISA logo.


According to official records around 14 000 visitors attended the Europe Day activities and 4000 participated at the Passport Game.  eu-LISA was one of the mandatory check-points for the very popular Passport Game, meaning that the eu-LISA "stamp" had to be issued in the passports that were produced for the Europe Day travel game and that were later used to win prizes. Consequently, we made at least 4000 direct contacts in addition to the several hundreds who participated directly in the eu-LISA  quizzes or came just to discuss the future of Europe and the role that eu-LISA has in serving Member States and the citizens.


352 selfies were uploaded to the special Greeting Card of the 2015 Europe Day sent to Europe. The historical selfie greeting card is available and can be also downloaded as wallpaper: