eu-LISA’s “New Normal” Comes with a New Look!

eu-LISA is excited to reveal a new fresh "look" based on a re-designed logo.

The new logo is the focal point of our new visual identity, as are the related graphic elements that create our visual language. To be able to speak this language correctly we need to follow the Visual Identity Manual.

The Visual Identity Manual presents the guidelines to be respected on all eu-LISA productions, digital and printed, and for internal and external audiences.

The use of these guidelines will ensure that the Agency:

  • presents a professional and consistent message through visuals;
  • gives a recognisable and coherent image to eu-LISA;
  • presents eu-LISA as an established, cohesive and modern organisation.

Page through the manual and discover the refreshed colour-coding, fonts and graphics for all forms of written communication about eu-LISA.

If you need to use our new logo professionally, please follow all the guidelines and instructions as outlined in the manual.

eu-LISA's Communication Team ( is at your disposal for clarifications on the correct interpretation and implementation of the logo, as well as for enquires from contractors and service providers required to apply the Agency's new visual identity to commissioned products and reports.

Further details can be found on the Visual Identity page of this website.