eu-LISA Hosts Its First Working Group Meeting on Artificial Intelligence

On 11 May 2021, eu-LISA will host the first meeting of a new Working Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI), that will address the use of machine learning algorithms and AI in the context of the large-scale IT systems the Agency develops and manages.

eu-LISA and the European Commission will present their initiatives, as well as recent and planned AI-related activities in the area of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA). During the second session, a traditional "tour de table" will give EU Member States the opportunity to highlight their expectations, their own AI initiatives, elements of national AI strategies and the overall approaches in their respective countries.

The overall goals for the Working Group are to identify use cases for implementing AI solutions in the large-scale IT systems entrusted to eu-LISA, as to maximise the added value of the services the Agency provides to its stakeholders, and to facilitate the development of a common approach for the use of AI-based solutions.

AI should become a practical support mechanism for law enforcement practitioners, and bolster Europe's internal security. However, despite the fact that AI is based on algorithms, the main implementation challenges, in the law enforcement context, are not technical, but rather about finding the right balance between AI and data protection, data privacy and fundamental rights.

In 2020, eu-LISA published a research and technology monitoring report on potential uses of AI in the operational management of large-scale IT systems: FactsheetFull Report.

In April 2021, the European Commission proposed a regulation for AI, titled "Europe fit for the Digital Age".

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