eu-LISA’s Working Group on Artificial Intelligence discusses priorities for the application of AI in the area of internal security

On 28 September 2022, eu-LISA hosted the first hybrid meeting of its Working Group on Artificial Intelligence (WGAI) in Tallinn, Estonia, to discuss use-cases for the implementation of AI in the areas of internal security and migration.

Established in February 2021, the WGAI is an informal advisory body set up by eu-LISA involving experts from the European Commission, EU Member State authorities and relevant EU Agencies.

During today's meeting, the working group discussed a number of priority use-cases to be further developed, transformed into pilot projects and, where feasible, implemented in the near future, in collaboration with the Member States. The use-cases discussed focus on improving the effectiveness and operational efficiency of authorities operating in the area of internal security and migration management. More specifically, application of AI to support the detection of forged travel and supporting documents, automated pre-processing of long-stay and residence permit applications for the Schengen Area, as well as AI supporting risk assessment by way of identification of irregular travelling patterns.

In the second part of the meeting, the working group participated in a validation workshop of the AP4AI project. The main objective of the AP4AI (Accountability Principles for Artificial Intelligence) project is to define a set of accountability principles integrating positions of citizens and practitioners, develop a framework for assessing the compliance of AI solutions with the defined principles, as well as a software assessment tool to support security practitioners. The project is coordinated by Europol and CENTRIC.

The overall goals for the WGAI are to identify use-cases for implementing AI solutions within the large-scale IT systems entrusted to eu-LISA, to maximise the added value of the services the Agency provides to its stakeholders, and to facilitate the development of a common approach for the use of AI-based solutions.

The next WGAI meeting is scheduled for 23 November 2022, where the discussions on the specific challenges associated with the implementation of the prioritised use-cases will continue.