VIS Mail phase 2 is now fully operational

eu-LISA is proud to announce the successful Entry into Operations (EiO) of VIS Mail phase 2, the platform that supports the exchange of prior consultation (Visa Code Article 22), VLTV and ex-post visa notification (Visa Code Articles 25.4 and 31) messages, between the Member States, via the VIS infrastructure.

From the start of VIS operations, phase 1 of the VIS Mail mechanism has been available for the exchange of messages related to consular cooperation, requests for supporting documents (Article 16(3)), amendment of data (Article 24(2)) and advance data deletion (Article 25(2)). Phase 2 adds new categories to the messages already exchanged during phase 1 of the system.

VIS Mail phase 2 entered into operation on 20 January 2016 at 12:00 CET. The system went through a thorough two month observation period, managed by the Transition Board, an entity made of representatives from the Member States and eu-LISA. The observation period ended on 20 March 2016. On the 21st of March 2016, the Transition Board delivered its final report stating that VIS Mail shall from now on be considered as the mechanism responsible for the exchange of prior consultation, VLTV and ex-post visa notification messages between Member States.

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