Updated roadmap to Interoperability endorsed by EU Council

eu-LISA is proud and excited to announce that the new Interoperability Roadmap, and its proposed timeline, were endorsed by the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council on 19 October. This approval by EU ministers and EU institutions sets the route for the Agency to follow and guides the delivery of all the Interoperability Architecture components over the coming years. Both the roadmap and the revised timeline are results of a resolution strategy proposed by eu-LISA for the implementation of the overall Interoperability Architecture, known as the 3R-s strategy: Remobilise, Resolve and Renew. 

Approved by eu-LISA's highest governance body, the eu-LISA Management Board (MB), this strategy has been actively implemented since June 2023, leading to two successful releases of advance EES versions. These releases created the necessary conditions for Member States and Associated Countries to further their testing and mark clear progress in the renewed drive toward Interoperability.

Based on these initial successes, eu-LISA has expanded the agile-model developed through the 3R-s resolution strategy to all areas of the Interoperability Programmes, thus creating a concrete, robust operational approach and roadmap for the delivery and the implementation of the whole Interoperability Architecture.

Prior to presenting the revised roadmap for the ministers' endorsement, eu-LISA worked in close cooperation with Member States, the European Commission and all levels of its own governance bodies, to ensure full engagement, understanding and support of the new IO roadmap proposal. This fruitful collaboration culminated in a unanimous approval at the latest eu-LISA MB meeting, on 27-28 September.

Continuing and sustaining the strong and trusting cooperation between the European Commission, the Member States and the Agency is essential to implementing the strategy, which defines a very clear wave-approach over the next three years with distinct main system deliverables in line with core business goals.

At eu-LISA we know that it takes relentless focus and strategic determination to manage and develop large-scale IT systems for the purpose of simplifying the work of practitioners and serving citizens. The success of major responsibilities, such as establishing the IO architecture, depends on how well we understand and take on board the needs of the vast group of stakeholders: from carriers to border check point operators. This is most definitely challenging, but we are dedicated and committed to reaching the IO roadmap "finish line" and supporting the Schengen Area in successfully achieve its digital transformation aspirations.

More information about the endorsement and main results of the JHA Council meeting can be found here:

All the latest details about EES and ETIAS are available on the European Commission official website:

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