Transversal - the new way of procuring at eu-LISA

​In the coming period, eu-LISA plans to launch a procurement procedure for “transversal” services related to engineering aspects for the large-scale IT-systems it manages. This call for tenders will address the Agency’s operational needs in relation to the setup, development and evolutions of the European Travel Information Authorisation System (ETIAS), possible future large scale IT systems (e.g. ECRIS-TCN), interoperability elements and evolutions of existing large scale IT systems.

This approach, which will be a new way of procuring for the Agency, aims to create a framework in which several contractors can work together, following common standards and practices, to create and deliver in an interdependent-systems environment. The collaboration between contractors that ensues from having to set clear responsibilities between themselves and agreeing to shared working methodologies will improve the coherence and transparency of the system deliverables. This will permit an improved management of dependencies and access control between the systems.

Changing the way in which the Agency procures its technology-related services allows it to better tackle the challenges that derive from a growing, interoperable system landscape. 

As depicted in the figure (download here), the procurement and contractual approach comprises a total of two calls for tender:

  • The first call for tenders consists of four distinct lots covering engineering aspects (engineering framework).
    • The first lot (generic design and support lot) will cover the high-level design of systems and will assist the Agency with scheduling and quality assurance. Support with and coordination of the integration, training, transition to operations, and maintenance of the systems is also included in this lot;
    • The second lot will encompass the detailed design, development and evolution activities (development lots) for the Core Business Systems (CBS) as well as for the shared and reusable components (including interoperability components);
    • The third lot will provide infrastructure and platforms;
    • The fourth lot (generic testing lot) will address testing across all systems;
  • The second call for tenders will comprise daily operations and maintenance (except for evolutionary maintenance) across all systems (maintenance framework contract).

Companies specialised in the above domains, are kindly requested to respond to the calls for tenders.

The first call for tenders on Transversal Engineering Framework is planned to be launched in the coming weeks.

The second call for tenders on Transversal Operations Framework is planned to be launched in the course of 2020.

ETIAS; ECRIS-TCN; Interoperability; Operational Management