The JHA Ministers meeting of the Slovenian Presidency is underway

​Earlier today, eu-LISA's Executive Director Krum Garkov and Deputy Executive Director Luca Tagliaretti, attended the Informal meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers organised and hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia.

Included on the meeting's agenda were topics such as the fight against crime in the digital age, ways forward with respect to the new Pact on Migration and Asylum, the revision of the Schengen Strategy and the impact the proposed Artificial Intelligence Regulation will have on law enforcement across the Member States and the work of the JHA Agencies.

eu-LISA's portfolio of large-scale IT systems, used throughout Europe in the fields of border management and internal security, as well as the additional systems (EES, ETIAS and ECRIS-TCN) in preparation, are fundamental to the digitalisation of the Justice and Home Affairs domain. These will act as cornerstones within the legislation currently being prepared and discussed at high-level meetings. The use of Interoperability and the integration of AI technologies into data analysis and management will provide European law enforcement with tools to stay abreast of the ever-growing threat from online criminality and cyber threats. It is evident to all parties involved that all proposed approaches and solutions must be geared primarily towards protecting fundamental rights, freedoms and civil liberties.

Attention was also drawn to the need, in the context of AI, to create European data spaces that could increase the efficiency of processing and collecting big volumes of data needed by competent authorities in their work on training AI systems, all within clearly established safeguards.

Tomorrow for the first time, given the Agency's growing role in the European Justice sphere, eu-LISA's top management will also take part in the foreseen justice-related sessions and discussions.

AI; European Institutions; Interoperability; JHAA; Smart borders