Secure networks – priority for both, eu-LISA and EReg

On 9 February a delegation from the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities (EReg) and the European Car and Driving Licence Information System (EUCARIS) visited eu-LISA in Tallinn to get acquainted with the Agency, its governance structure and the large-scale IT systems it operates. The visit took place in the framework of an EReg working group meeting held in Tallinn on 10 February and hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

eu-LISA staff members introduced the mandate of the Agency and elaborated on the core activities of the Agency as well as the specifics of the three large-scale IT systems that are under the responsibility of eu-LISA.  In addition to explaining the high-quality IT services and solutions to Member States, that eu-LISA provides on daily basis, members of the staff also spoke about several other tasks that the Agency fulfils, like providing training for national IT specialists, collecting and distributing statistical data, monitoring research and its application to existing and new systems. It was also emphasized that in 2015 eu-LISA is implementing the tasks of the Test Phase for the Smart Borders Package in cooperation with relevant Member States.