eu-LISA’s Learning Management System for Member States is launched!

A year ago eu-LISA decided to move from a SharePoint based e-learning platform for delivery of training content to the Member States, to a Moodle based Learning Management System.

On the 6th of September, the first LMS platform-led training course (SIS II Operational Training - Entry Level) took place. SIS II newcomers from Ireland and 13 other SIS II using Member States were intensely engaged and enjoyed their blended learning experience.

The new eu-LISA Learning Management System for Member States (eu-LISA LMS) provides Member State participants with unlimited access to learning content (video sessions, classroom handouts, tests, additional materials and resources). In addition, users have access to the eu-LISA course catalogue and a calendar showing the foreseen training sessions for Member States. e-courses will stay open long beyond the end of the training session allowing each participant to return to all of the course material whenever needed.

For trainers, the eu-LISA LMS is an opportunity to create and deliver diverse learning content, to monitor student participation, and assess their performance. There are different tools for the trainers that can be used to prepare learning strategies aimed at helping Member State participants to achieve the desired outcomes. Tools such as book, file, folder, URL, SCORM, etc. help develop and provide different interactive study material. Activity tools like assignment, database, forum, glossary, lesson, quiz, survey and wiki tools are tailored to understand a student's progress in training and the impact of the course at an individual level.

Work on further developments and enriching the e-courses available on the new eu-LISA LMS will continue. We have only just left the starting line!

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