JHAAN - New Promotional Video and Brochure

The Justice and Home Affairs Agencies’ Network (JHA) was established in 2010, building on the inter-agency cooperation in place since 2006, with the aim to facilitate and increase inter-agency cooperation in the field of Justice and Home Affairs. Today, the Network is composed of 9 agencies, all presented in this brochure.

These agencies cooperate closely together on topics of common interest, on a bilateral, and multilateral level.

To foster and facilitate inter-agency cooperation, Network members meet on a regular basis at horizontal and expert level to discuss recent developments, and to exchange knowledge and experience.

Over the years, the Network has developed a set of tools and products (updated on a yearly basis) to map the agencies’ activities in different key areas of the JHA field.

To create a bridge and to keep each other mutually informed of EU policy developments and agencies’ activities, the Network includes 5 observers from the EU institutions - DG HOME, DG JUST, EEAS, GSC, and the LIBE Secretariat.

A New Brochure

The brochure provides a concise overview of the mission and core values of the nine EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies as well as a short description of the work of the Network.

Download and Read - JHAAN Promotional Brochure

A New Video

The video offers a concise description of the individual functions of the nine agencies that constitute the JHAA Network, traversing and connecting the agencies through a beam of light, creating the sensation of traveling through Europe.


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