JHAAN Final Report 2023 Published

The European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) held the chairmanship of the Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Network (JHAAN) throughout 2023.

This report captures the JHAAN’s activities in 2023, the progress made, and common milestones achieved. It underlines the steady commitment of the JHA family to upholding the fundamental rights, freedoms, justice and security of all individuals within the European Union.

In line with the agreed Trio Presidency priorities for 2022-2024, the EUAA, together with the network, focused on five key priorities in 2023:

  • digitalisation;
  • the implementation of the EU Green Deal in JHA Agencies;
  • information provision in mixed migration situations;
  • cybersecurity;
  • communication and promotion of the network.

Various activities were foreseen under each of these priorities, with the clear aim to foster inter-agency cooperation and to contribute, in a meaningful way and within the remit of the individual mandates of the JHA Agencies, to the overall EU response to these challenges.

Throughout the year, the individual actions of the JHA Agencies as well as their collective efforts were instrumental in addressing many of the above challenges. Examples are wide ranging and include fostering enhanced law enforcement cooperation; combating transnational crime, terrorism and preventing exploitation; further cooperation on illicit drug-related issues; new initiatives to jointly tackle cybersecurity threats; joint efforts for promotion and protection of fundamental rights, including protection of the most vulnerable groups; tackling gender inequalities, and the protection of personal data.

In 2024, eu-LISA is holding the presidency of the JHAAN. In line with the recommendations of the - Assessment of the Justice and Home Affairs Agencies’ Network Report 2021 - eu-LISA will continue the close cooperation in the Trio Presidency format with CEPOL and EUAA. In this scenario, eu-LISA intends to centre the activities of its presidency year around the overarching and inclusive topics that are relevant to the entire Network.

Read the full report: JHAAN 2023 Final Report

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