International Women's Day 2022

At eu-LISA our core business is IT and, in the global collective mind, Information Technology is a man-driven world. We work around the clock to ensure that Europe's police forces and border guards always have steady and fast access to the latest data needed to perform their duties to the best.

Times are changing though, and just like in law enforcement and border management, the proportion of women dedicating their time to careers in IT is on the rise. Over the last 5 years in eu-LISA we have gone from having 35 women on our staff to 96, which constitutes over 30% of our workforce today.

From the operational management of essential IT systems to Finance, from Logistics to Data Protection and from HR to policy making, at eu-LISA we have women in key positions across all business areas.

We make a point of trying to attract Europe's finest talent in our recruitment processes and diversifying our work force as much as possible. We take part in job fairs, both on and off line, to draw women to careers in IT. We do our best to hire the best and keep the best to make Europe a safer place for everyone to work and live in.

Keeping gender balance at work is just as important as keeping the IT systems running to us. At eu-LISA, just like many of you are, we eagerly await the "New Normal". One aspect of it though will not be new and is already normal - Women in IT.

On International Women's Day, just like every other day at the moment, it is hard to place ourselves in a celebratory state of mind. Our thoughts go out to the hundreds of thousands of women affected by the war in Ukraine, the families they take care of, as well as the partners and sons they have had to maybe leave behind.

Today, though in a sombre mood, we give a shout-out to our female colleagues and thank them for the drive and dedication they bring to our work and the effort they are putting into making eu-LISA the Digital Heart of Schengen.