Industry Workshop Report Published

‚ÄčOn the 14th June 2016 eu-LISA hosted an Industry Workshop entitled "Increasing the Efficiency of Hotspots Handling Migratory Pressure through Practical Technological Solutions" in Strasbourg, France.

The event focussed on the hotspots and the means to increase their efficiency and capacity to deal with high and sometimes unanticipated flows of migrants. eu-LISA and Frontex who had worked together in the field in Lesbos, Greece, in order to support the national authorities to effectively register migrants, described challenges that were encountered in this work. Given that future proof of concept exercises are being considered that may look at technical and operational innovations that could further improve the functioning of the hotspots and the scalability of processes so that they could better deal with such unprecedented flows, participants were invited to reflect on these challenges and to propose possible future approaches to registration of arriving migrants and applicants for international protection and topics for examination going forward. The goal, therefore, was to feed future planning of trials of technologies that could render hotspots more efficient.

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